#BME – mit Ludwig Erhard live auf der Rückbank

The Challenge:

"To celebrate our symposium's 50th anniversary, we really want to have a blast ..."

Those were the thoughts of the board of the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics.
But a split second later, they wondered: "How are we going to connect our tradition with our vision in an innovative event,
people will still talk about when we celebrate our 100th anniversary?"

Our Solution:

To bring an idea to life is one of the most popular phrases in our industry. But this time, we literally wanted to deliver on the promise. We wanted to keep it as real as possible – so real, that we’d leave a round-eyed surprise on the faces of the

2200 guests. And that’s precisely what happened when Ludwig Erhard, the father of the German economic miracle and speaker at the first symposium in 1956, entered the stage in an original Mercedes Benz 300 model Adenauer for an interview the stage.
This highlight was made possible by the interdisciplinary cooperation of Klassik Garage Kronberg and our colleagues from
KFP Five Star Conference Service.