Der #GVB macht seinen runden Geburtstag zum Erlebnis

The challenge:

How does one celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Association of Bavarian Cooperatives (GVB; Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e. V.) combined with the round-number birthdays of both its founder, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, and that of the Free State of Bavaria in one big event with a "WOW" effect? And all in such a way, that each of the 1,200 invited guests coming together in the Ballhaus Forum at the Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich has a perfect view of the events during the conference and the subsequent dinner?

Our solution:

The idea for allowing everyone to see everything was quickly born: We created a 270° view with three oversized screens. In addition, we built two stages, one for a panel discussion, the other for speakers such as the Prime Minister of Bavaria. A light stroke as an effective intro animation with different color schemes and adaptive room lighting, a series of images of the brand and communication history as well as relevant milestones from GVB’s history, perfectly staged the three round-number birthdays, while the final outro gave an outlook of the future of the association. In the end, there remained a wholly successful event, a highly satisfied customer and 1,200 enthusiastic guests.