Der #GVB zwischen Tradition
und digital

The Challenge:
Rooted in tradition and yet digital and modern: true to the event motto "Innovative - digital - close". That's only suitable for the 120th association day of the Genossenschaftsverband Bayern. It was to be an event with noticeably innovative elements and content. Away from one-directional communication, towards active guests. But how?

Our Solution:
After all the guests had found their place in the plenum, the stage setup came to life with 48 LED tiles and a 40 x 9 meter video mapping area. A 15-minute countdown paved the way for a dynamic intro animation that emotionally gripped the guests. With changing color moods and optical highlights, the LED tiles guided the guests through the evening's various program items.
During the panel discussion, guests were able to send questions directly to the moderator from their smartphones and thus became part of the event. The outro-animation ended the association day - a day for which Change created the modern look & feel desired by the customer. The entire creative concept of the event, from animations and content to canvas motifs, became a well-rounded event with a lot of innovation.