#Garagengefühl Made in Kronberg

The Challenge:
At Klassik Garage Kronberg asked ourselves: how can we represent our specialist workshop for vintage automobiles and the associated Vintage Rally Events in such a way, that the communicative appearance corresponds to the automotive brand experience?
Our Solution: 
Garagengefühl! An exquisite magazine created and published entirely in-house, in a conspicuously oversized DIN A3 format. The intriguing content is densely packed in 60 pages and limited to 1000 copies. With high-quality content and a puristic avantgarde conceptual design. With no dull ads at all. Instead, we included dedicated stories about our sponsors, creating real content and genuine interest for brands and companies. The magazine is accompanied by an image film the with same title. Together, both express what makes "Garagengefühl made in Kronberg" so unique – the timeless love for vintage automobiles.