Glamour und Fame für die #SupermarktStars 2019

The Challenge
What for many sounds more like everyday life than glamour should get its very own big moment on the red carpet through Change Communication - food and retail. So how did the event agency stage both the presentation of the Supermarkt Stars and the annual conference of the Lebensmittel Zeitung direkt?
Our Solution
With a logistical masterstroke: the build-up of the setup could only begin on the day of the event in the coveted Gesellschaftshaus of the Frankfurt Palmengarten. Around three dozen sponsor stands had to be organized as part of the award ceremony. In addition, not only the ten prize winners in four categories were to be presented an unforgettable event, but also the approximately 500 participants from industry and retail. The Virtual Design team from Change produced the candidate films, prepared presentations and directed both days. Johanna Kuhn, Head of Seminars and Events at LZ Medien, was satisfied: "Change really mastered all this perfectly.”