#Merry Christmas

CHANGE Helping Against Distress

The German Child Protection League (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund) offers a parent hotline for advice regarding care for children.


Parents and those taking care of children sometimes feel unable to cope with the everyday pressures in their families, worry about their children or are simply overburdened. The German Child Protection League’s parent hotline, "Nummer gegen Kummer" (The number to dial when in distress), offers its clientele easily accessible and free-of-charge help and counseling without time constraints.

The specially trained hotline counsellors provide support to parents in all matters concerning their children – and thus contribute to a more positive basic mood and to more harmony in the everyday life of these families – and more so for the children. Regardless of how small or big the problem is: whether it's poor performance in school, having the wrong friends, showing aggressive behavior or more serious issues such as sexual abuse or drug addiction.

From simple questions to the in-depth counseling attempting to regain access to estranged sons and daughters, the voluntary experts of the German Child Protection League always work closely together with parents to find solutions – and always at eye level.

The hotline 0800 – 111 0 550 is available (at least) from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. It deals with a multitude of different issues. And often the concern for one’s offspring is related to one’s own situation as mother, father or otherwise related caretaker of children.

Unfortunately, the costs for the services of the hotline ("Nummer gegen Kummer") are not completely covered by the cost bearers and part of the expenses must be refinanced through donations. Thus, CHANGE will support this dedicated service with a donation for the training of a new group of counselors for the parent hotline of the German Child Protection League in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, which begins in January 2019.

This is why we from CHANGE will once again go without Christmas presents for our customers and partners this year. We heartily wish for peace and harmony in all families.