The Aftercare Team Rückenwind gives you wings on the way home.

Rückenwind accompanies babies, who have a difficult start in life, and their parents on their way home. With this support, many prematurely born or chronically ill children can leave the clinic earlier.

The sociomedical aftercare provided by Rückenwind bestows parents with a feeling of safety and competence: Following the stay in the clinic, experienced specialists such as children's nurses or pediatricians, continue to care for the affected families – namely at home, in their familiar environment.

The services of the Aftercare Team Rückenwind are however not completely refunded by the cost bearers. Thus a part of the costs must be financed through donations.

For this reason, we at CHANGE have decided to refrain from sending out Christmas presents to our customers and partners this year and instead to donate to the Aftercare Team Rückenwind. Especially, because we’ve all experienced many beautiful moments in our lives; we’ve received and given countless presents. Now it’s time for us to fulfill a wish: by helping to help precisely those who need our support most urgently.