#We Wish You No Merry Crystmeth

CHANGE supports the Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V.

Between classes, on the schoolyard, during breaks - as a gift to get started or for pocket money. It's that simple for our children to get synthetic drugs like Crystal Meth. The problem has long since arrived in our schoolyards and it’s not only higher classes that are affected: More and more often it affects younger children.

The Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. (the addiction and youth welfare service) has set itself the goal of actively fighting against this and providing information. In times, in which the discussion about the drug abuse of minors threatens to disappear from the social discourse, the Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. says: Now more than ever!

According to the non-profit organization's website, the "heroin junkie who fixes at dirty toilets" is no longer the typical example of an addict. For the non-profit organization, the aim is "to encourage young people to inform themselves about addiction and to support schools", to appropriately address this content in ever tighter curricula.

This year, too, we are therefore foregoing gifts for our customers. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish for strong children and are happy to be able to support the association in this important work.